Pay by Phone


Parking made easy

Use your smartphone to pay for city parking spaces with the PassportParking® app

Passport is an easy and convenient way to pay for parking, using your smartphone, anywhere you see a Passport sign or decal.
Pay in advance to use parking zones across the city including:

  • on-street parking in Downtown
  • on-street parking in Midtown
  • at the Downtown Parking lots
  • at the SW Downtown Parking Garage

Passport Parking

Pay by Phone FAQs

How can I register for Passport?

It’s easy. You only need to visit the Passport website to register. Download the app in your play store and register. As you register, the system will prompt you for information such as your mobile telephone number, license plate and vehicle information, email address and credit card that will be used to pay for parking.


What kind of mobile phone can I use with Passport?

Any Apple or Android smartphone. When you visit the Passport website it will determine the link to download the mobile app based on your smartphone type.


Once I find a parking space, how do I start my Passport parking session?

Passport is a license plate-based parking app. You must pay for your parking session (via Passport) in advance. To do this:

  • Open the Passport app on your smartphone (if registered, your account information is already stored)
  • Enter the parking location number (found on the signs)
  • Select or enter the license plate of vehicle you are parking and choose how long you wish to park
  • Confirm and you’re done


How can I avoid getting a parking ticket when using Passport?

Passport will send a notification to your smartphone to alert you when your parking session is about to expire and/or when you will need to vacate the space to help avoid getting a citation. You can choose to extend the time via the app, without having to walk to the vehicle. Remember you must pay for parking in advance.


How much does it cost to register for Passport?

Registration is free. Customers will pay applicable fees, as stated in the app, depending if purchasing short term or permit parking.


How do I manage my monthly/quarterly permit with the garage?

Monthly and quarterly garage permit holders must manage their permits and payments through their Gainesville Permits account at, and CANNOT do so through Passport. Vehicles registered under your Passport App, ARE NOT covered under your monthly or quarterly permit.


Does Passport require a minimum of minutes or hours?

No, customers have the ability to add the number of minutes or hours up to a maximum allowed.


How do I extend the parking session using my smartphone?

You can simply extend the time by clicking on the “extend” feature on the Passport mobile app before the parking session has expired.


Are the Passport rates the same throughout the city of Gainesville?

No, rates vary based upon location. Rates are stated on the app or posted on meters and signs as applicable.


How do the parking enforcement officers know that I have paid for parking?

When you pay for parking using Passport the parking meter (where present) will show as expired, however your parking status will be displayed on the handheld device used by the enforcement officers.


Can I add multiple vehicles to the same Passport account?

Yes, you can have more than one vehicle on your account. To add another vehicle:

  • In the app: Go to the settings tab and select “Vehicles” – you’ll see an option to add another vehicle.
  • Via your account online: Visit and click on “My Account” in order to add more vehicles to your account.
  • You may also add a vehicle as you are beginning your parking session in the app.
  • If you have a long-term permit at the SW Downtown Garage please note that only one vehicle can be parked under the permit at one time. If the other vehicle is also in use it requires a separate payment in order to avoid a parking citation.


How can we know that the credit card transaction is secured?

It is a secure system because the credit card number is encrypted when you sign up and it is never entered, displayed or spoken during a telephone transaction.


How do I know if Passport is available where I parked?

Passport signs are displayed in all of the locations where Passport is available. The signs feature the City of Gainesville name, zone location number and steps to follow to pay with Passport.


Can I use Passport in the SW downtown garage?

Yes, the SW Downtown Garage operates on a Pay by Plate system which is paid via Passport. This includes all parking types e.g. short-term, long-term permit or contract parking (third party). Monthly or quarterly permits for the garage may be purchased at


Can I obtain a payment receipt?

You maintain your account and can access usage in the app . At the end of a parking session, a receipt is emailed to you.


Will I know in advance how much money will the parking session cost?

Yes, the payment rate will be displayed on the app.



If I move my vehicle to another space within the same general area during my parking session, do I need to pay again, or can I finish the parking session I had already paid for?

Yes, you can move your vehicle to another parking space as long as the location number you used to pay for parking with Passport is the same.



Is it possible to receive a citation/ticket even though I paid with Passport?

Although this is unlikely to occur, please review the copy of your Passport receipt to ensure the vehicle’s license plate has been entered correctly and the location number and time for which you paid matches the space where your vehicle was parked and is within the time indicated on your citation.
If you entered the right location number, license plate number, and if your time had not expired, please call Parking Operations at (352) 334-2547. You may also email and send a copy of your Passport receipt and citation.



Are discounts available for City of Gainesville employees?




What is Passport's Privacy Policy?

Please visit to view Passport’s Privacy Policy.


Unable to use the PassportParking App?

Please call 352-290-3700 to pay over the phone or visit to pay by web.

Report a Problem

Report an issue with a meter, damaged or missing street sign in city limits with myGNV.



Daytime Downtown

Work downtown? Long-term parking is available at the SW Downtown Parking Garage.



Neighborhood Parking

City parking permits are required for residents of specific neighborhoods – purchase them online.