Request a Special Recognition from Mayor Harvey L. Ward, Jr.


Do you want to receive recognition from the mayor?

Mayor Harvey L. Ward, Jr. issues letters of recognition, congratulations and welcome letters for special events such as a group or organization visiting Gainesville for birthdays, reunions or personal achievements. The mayor may elect to issue a proclamation for an event of general public interest or recognition of a unique public service to the community.



Step 1.Submit a request

Complete the form below to submit a request.

Proclamation and Special Recognition Request Form

Please allow a minimum of 45 days to complete the request.

Review the Proclamations 101 Guide on writing a proclamation. Check that all dates and names of individuals and organizations are accurate. The requester is responsible for providing the basic language for the proclamation or recognition.  


Step 2.We will review your request

We may edit your request to meet our standards before accepting it. The mayor reserves final editorial discretion over the text.


Step 3.Accepting your proclamation or recognition

You can receive your document electronically, by mail or in person at City Hall.

The Mayor presents proclamations at 5:30 pm during regular City Commission meetings on the first and third Thursday of each month excluding holidays (see city meeting schedule). Meetings take place in the City Hall Auditorium on the first floor of City Hall, 200 E. University Avenue.

Upon request, the mayor or his designee may present the proclamation or recognition at an event (subject to availability). To inquire about scheduling, contact the Mayor's Office at 352-334-5016 as far in advance as possible.

For questions or assistance, please contact Nikita Scruggs at 352-334-5015.