Gainesville's Strategic Plan


Our Mission

Gainesville’s mission is to build community. We partner and engage with our neighbors and community builders. This helps us provide responsive services that are financially responsible and neighbor-focused. 

Our Vision for 2035

In 2035, Gainesville will be a equitable community for all. We will be a sustainable community for the future. We will be home to a world-class, life-long learning community.  Our city will be great place for neighbors to live and thrive. A place that provides meaningful experiences for everyone. We will have a vibrant downtown and a strong, resilient economy. We will ensure mobility for all neighbors.  

Our Goals


Our Strategic Plan for 2020, 2025 and 2035

The City of Gainesville Strategic Plan is adopted by the City Commission for the following objectives:

  1. Prioritize how we allocate our resources 
  2. Establish policy guidelines
  3. Provide governance direction

The Strategic Plan outlines our vision, mission and values. It summarizes the community profile and strategic planning process. A set of goals, initiatives and high-level performance measures are defined to ensure we meet our objectives. The plan discusses the commitment to managing for results. Various strategies are laid out to collect, analyze and use data for improved decision-making and planning. 

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