Live Web Streaming

Watch live public meeting coverage of the Gainesville City Commission, the General Policy Committee and other special meetings.

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Oct. 1 Update: The City of Gainesville regularly streams, broadcasts and records City Commission meetings, General Policy Committee meetings, City Commission Budget Workshops, Audit Committee meetings and the City Plan Board. These videos can be viewed on this page and Channel 12.

To help reduce the city’s budget for FY24, some subcommittee and board meetings are no longer broadcast, streamed or recorded. These include sunshine meetings, Development Review Board, Finance Committee, Gainesville Community Reinvestment Area (GCRA) Advisory Board, Historic Preservation Board, Police Advisory Council,  Public Safety Committee, Human Rights Board and Code Enforcement.

Official minutes will continue to be taken by all boards and subcommittees as required by law. If you have further questions about these meetings, please contact the City Clerk’s Office. As always, these public meetings are open for anyone to attend.

Archived videos (after Sept. 2022) are available on our agenda calendar.

Archived videos (pre-Sept. 2022) are available here: