Mortgage Foreclosure Intervention

*NOTICE* As of 7/20/2023 the Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Program is out of funding and will be closed until further notice.

The Mortgage Foreclosure Intervention (MFI) Program provides financial help to homeowners who are behind on their mortgage payments and are near foreclosure. Homeowners will work one-on-one with a city staff member to determine possible solutions for repayment.

What types of costs are eligible?
Eligible costs may include:
  • late mortgage payments
  • attorney’s fees
  • late fees and other fees associated delayed payments.
Is a lien placed on my home?
No, the funds are provided in the form of a grant.


Get Started

Step 1.Complete application packet

Submit Application

Step 2.Meet with a housing finance coordinator

Together you will review the application packet in detail and continue the process of developing a plan to resolve the mortgage delinquency.

Step 3.Gather information and develop a plan

The housing finance coordinator will work with the homeowner to contact the mortgage company to address homeownership and financial issues.

Step 4.Qualify for assistance

Financial assistance is available to qualified homeowners only once and are approved on a case-by-case basis. Funding IS NOT  guaranteed for every homeowner that is counseled through the mortgage foreclosure intervention program.


HUD Income Limits

U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Income Limits for Gainesville MSA 2019 

Family Size (Persons) Extremely Low (30% MFI)


 Very Low (50% MFI*)


 Low (80% MFI*) 



14,950  $24,900 $39,850
2  $17,100   $28,450   $45,550
3 $19,250  $32,000  $51,250
4  $21,350   $35,550   $56,900 
 $23,100  $38,400  $61,500
6  $24,800   $41,250 


7  $26,500  $44,100   $70,600 
8  $28,200   $46,950    $75,150 

*Fiscal Year 2019 Median Family Income (MFI) = $71,300 CDBG/HOME Effective 06/28/2019