Michelle Park Scholarship

The City of Gainesville is seeking nominations for the Michelle Park Family Recreation Scholarship. The purpose is to provide a scholarship for one year to one City of Gainesville low-to-moderate income family, to participate in nature, recreation and cultural activities* (*some activities may not be available due to the current Covid-19 restrictions). The scholarship enables a Gainesville family to take advantage of a year’s worth of events, programs, tours and more at no cost. One scholarship, valued at $1,500, can be used to enjoy activities such as:

  • After-school activities and day camps for school breaks and teacher holidays, for children age 6–12
  • Access to the Wellness Center at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Multipurpose Center
  • Tickets to cultural events
  • An annual pass to Sweetwater Wetlands Park
  • Adult and youth recreation and sports activities such as golf lessons, swimming lessons, and tennis lessons; free registration to participate in city-sponsored youth baseball, basketball, flag football, Pop Warner football or cheerleading.


Application Process

Step 1.Complete application form.

(PDF, 897KB)Family Recreation Scholarship Application Packet(PDF, 897KB)

ID, proof of residency and income are required. If handwriting your application, please print legibly.

Step 2.Submit a completed reference form.

This should be completed by an individual that is not related to the applicant.

Step 3.Draft a personal statement.

Statement should answer the following questions: How would receiving this scholarship make a difference for your family? Statement is to be no more than one page typed or two pages handwritten. 

Step 4.Submit the completed application.

Applications can be submitted by email to Jenny McGovern, program coordinator, at feltsmcgoji@gainesvillefl.gov or by regular mail. Send to:

City of Gainesville Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department 
PO Box 490, Station 24
Gainesville, FL 32627-0490