Mosquito Control

Gainesville Mosquito Control provides service to neighbors living within the City limits of Gainesville. Mosquito Control investigates neighbor inquiries within 1-2 business days. Gainesville Mosquito Control uses an Integrated Mosquito Management (IMM) philosophy when controlling the mosquito population in Gainesville. IMM combines a variety of mechanical (eliminating the water), biological (using mosquito fish and bacteria to control mosquito larval populations) and chemical control techniques (using larvicides to control immature stage of mosquitoes and using adulticides to control adult mosquito populations) to provide a more effective approach for the control of mosquitoes.

Mosquito Control FAQs

    Stormwater Vegetation Herbicide Program

    Technicians use herbicides in conjunction with mechanical techniques to reduce mosquito breeding sites by controlling vegetation growth. Selective herbicide treatments produce desirable drainage vegetation and reduce maintenance tasks. All products used are labeled for Aquatic sites and EPA registered. Marker dyes, surfactants, and anti-drift agents are mixed with herbicide to increase application to target site and plants.