Learn about the myGNV portal

myGNV is the City of Gainesville’s neighbor portal 

  • Report non-emergency maintenance issues For example: Report a pothole, code violations, faulty traffic light and more.
  • Request assistance with services offered by the City For example: Request a meeting with a Commissioner, suggest new infrastructure?


Follow these steps to use myGNV

Step 1.Create a Request

  1. Click on 'Requests'
  2. Click on 'Create a Request' 

Step 2.Login or create an account

To create an account enter your name, email and desired password.

Step 3.Select the issue you'd like to report

  1. Click on 'Select a Report Type'
  2. Select a category. For example 'Homes and Buildings'.
  3. Select the issue you'd like to report. For example 'Graffiti'.

Step 4.Report the location of the issue

  1. Click on the map to report the location of the issue.
  2. If you are at the location of the issue, you can use the 'compass' icon on the bottom right of the map to locate the issue.
  3. Alternately you may enter the address on the search bar above. 

Step 5.Add details

  1. Click on 'Tell us more details'
  2. Describe the incident in detail.
  3. Click on 'Done'

Step 6.Add photo, video, or audio files

  1. Click on 'Add photos, videos, or audios'.
  2. Take a photo, record a video or audio.
  3. You may also upload an existing content.

Step 7.Optional - Hide requests from the public map

Step 8.Select 'Submit' to complete the process

You will receive a confirmation and email updates. Click on 'Close' to end the process. 

Where can I report non emergency issues?

You can use myGNV to report non emergency issues. If this is an emergency please call 911 or visit the Gainesville Police Department's website.

How can I access myGNV?

myGNV is available online at www.mygnv.com.

You may also choose to download myGNV app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

  • Use a mobile device to report issues and request services on-the-go
  • Use a desktop or laptop computer to report issues and request services at your leisure.*Kindly note the location and click a picture of the incident and save it on your computer before visiting the website.

What area does myGNV serve?

You can use myGNV to report issues that are within the boundaries of the City of Gainesville. Use this interactive map to learn the boundary between the city and the county. If your request falls outside city limits you may contact Alachua County.

How do I request a service on myGNV?

Where can I find the status of a previously reported code violation case?

If you are seeking the status of a previously reported code violation case, please visit PermitGNV. Select 'Search for a Project' >  Search by Case Number or by Address.

  • Search by Case Number: All Code Enforcement cases begin with CE-YR-xxxxx; for example, to find cases entered in 2012, enter CE-12-xxxxx (the 5-digit case number)

  • Search by Address:  Enter only the house number (example: 1234) and the street number (example: for NE 10th Street, enter 10), and press the SEARCH button.