Fowl, Chickens or Livestock

Sec. 30-5.36  allows for the keeping or raising of fowl or livestock within the RSF-1 through 4, RC, U1, and U2 districts as an accessory use, subject to the following standards:


A limit of 10 (ten) hens, which are kept or raised for personal use only, are allowed per single family residence. Horses and other equine animals, cattle, goats and sheep, pigs and rabbits are not permitted.

Prohibited Activities:

  1. On-premise sales of fowl or livestock or fowl or livestock byproducts (e.g. eggs, milk).
  2. Commercial raising or keeping of fowl or livestock.
  3. The keeping of roosters (defined as a male chicken of any age and generally characterized by an ability to crow) and any other crowing chickens are prohibited, as well as the slaughtering of hens in the RSF-1 through 4, RC, U1, U2 districts.

Nuisance Prohibited:

The raising and keeping of all fowl or livestock shall be done in such a manner so as not to create a public nuisance as set forth in chapter 5 of the Code of Ordinances.

Chicken coops within the RSF-1 through 4, RC U1, U2 districts:

  1. Hens shall be contained within a covered chicken coop or fenced pen area. The coop and fenced pen area shall be located in the rear half of the residential lot behind the principal structure. It shall be unlawful for any person to allow hens to run at large upon the streets, alleys or other public places of the city, or upon the property of any other person.
  2. The coop and fenced pen area shall meet the setback requirements for an accessory structure in the applicable zoning district.
  3. The coop and pen area shall be kept in a clean sanitary manner, free of insects and rodents, offensive odors (which shall not be detectable at property boundaries), excessive noise, or any other condition that could potentially cause a nuisance. Stored feed shall be secured in rodent-proof and raccoon-proof enclosed containers.
  4. A building permit is not required for the coop if it is movable or prefabricated, and 12 square feet or less in size.