Downtown Parking Changes

Gainesville Parking

In March 2024, the Gainesville City Commission unanimously approved changes to Downtown Gainesville parking rates. The changes become effective this August.

The new rates are designed to stimulate turnover of high-demand spaces in the heart of downtown and to encourage drivers to find less expensive and long-term parking spaces farther away. 

Which specific changes did the Gainesville City Commission approve?

Parking rates raised:

  • Free parking spaces downtown will be converted to $0.50/hour with a 2-hour time limit, weekdays.
  • Parking permits in the SW Parking Garage (105 SW 3rd St.) will increase from $25/mo. to $40/mo. and from $60/quarter to $100/quarter. This change applies only to the municipal garage on SW 3rd St. (The city does not own the parking garage across from Union Street Station.)

Parking rates lowered:

  • Parking rates farther away from the core of downtown, will be reduced to $0.25/hr. or become free of charge with no time limit on weekdays.
  • Parking rates in Lot 3 (N. Main St./NW 2nd Ave.) and Lot 4 (SE 3rd St./SE 1st Ave.) will be reduced from $0.50/hr., for 4 hours, to free with no time limit.
  • Parking fees for the SW Parking Garage will be reduced from $1/hour to $0.50/hour.
  • The maximum daytime rate in the SW Parking Garage will decrease from $5/day to $4/day.


  • Downtown parking on weekends and on city-observed holidays remains free except in the SW Parking Garage (105 SW 3rd St.).
  • Parking permits in the SW Parking Garage for employees of downtown businesses remain at $20/mo.
  • Parking spaces adjacent to Alachua County Administration Building remain free with a 30-minute time limit.

Which additional downtown parking changes will be made?

  • Parking enforcement hours will change from 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday, to 10 a.m.-8 p.m., M-F.
  • Time limits in Lot 5 (next to City Hall) and Lot 13 (SW 1st St.) will be removed (from 4-hour to no time limit).
  • As many as five new pay stations (that accept coins and credit cards) will be installed throughout downtown this summer.

Is there a parking map online that shows free and paid parking areas?

Yes, there is an online map of current parking options. The online map will be updated when the changes take effect in August.

Which methods of payment are accepted for downtown parking?

Drivers currently are able to pay for downtown parking using the PassportParking® app, visiting the PassportParking®website or by calling 352-290-3700. Once the new pay stations are installed downtown, drivers will be able to use coins and credit/debit cards at stations.

Why did the Gainesville City Commission make changes to downtown parking rates?

The commission adopted parking changes after hearing recommendations based on the results of a 2023 parking study and on feedback from downtown stakeholders.

What are the findings of the 2023 parking study by SP+, a firm specializing in parking management?

  • SP+ found that unlimited, free parking in Downtown Gainesville does not create turnover of parking spaces for customers. This leads to the perception that downtown parking is inadequate because many free spaces are consistently occupied.
  • SP+ found that parking in the core of Downtown Gainesville should be paid and time-limited to increase parking turnover. Opening up parking spaces in the core would result in less driving around to hunt for parking – saving time, money and fuel.
  • SP+ found that parking outside the core of Downtown Gainesville should be free or low-cost to provide incentives to drivers to find long-term parking spaces in the periphery.