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Traffic Management

The Traffic Management System (TMS) is a partnership between the City of Gainesville, Alachua County, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), and the University of Florida that focuses on all road users' safety while optimizing driving efficiency by coordinating traffic signals and adjusting signal timing.

Traffic Signals  

The City of Gainesville is responsible for the operation and maintenance of all signalized intersections, flashing school zone beacons, flashing stop signs, intersection warning beacons, and overhead static and illuminated signs throughout Alachua County. This also includes the other municipalities, the unincorporated area of Alachua County, and the University of Florida campus. Each individual entity is responsible for funding the installation of these devices, and the City of Gainesville maintains and operates them on an annual contractual basis. Click here(PDF, 235KB)  for FAQs about traffic signals.


The ITS CV/AV (Intelligent Transportation Systems and Connected Vehicle/Automated Vehicle) team collaborates with transportation technology research and implementation. They support  FDOT (Florida Department of Transportation Connected Vehicle Initiative)  and UF (University of Florida) I-STREET Living Lab.


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