Call For Sculpture - H. Spurgeon Cherry Aquatic Center

Published on November 01, 2022


The City of Gainesville Parks Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department’s (PRCA) H. Spurgeon Cherry Pool is a full-service swimming facility with a 50 meter pool at the Albert “Ray” Massey (Westside) Parks located at 1001 NW 31st Dr., Gainesville, FL 32605.  The pool’s Aquatic Center is currently being completely renovated as part of the City’s Wild Spaces & Public Places (WSPP) program. The Gainesville Art in Public Places Trust (APPT) is a City Commission appointed advisory body that evaluates and selects public art for select City projects. 

The exterior of the H. Spurgeon Cherry Aquatics Center provides the opportunity for the placement of two sculptures on either side of the center’s East entrance. This installation would be a dramatic addition to the beautifully renovated facility and an opportunity to enhance the site with public art.

APPT is issuing a call for two compatible sculptures which would be mounted on cement slabs placed in the landscaped area on either side of the East entrance next to the building and backed by red brick walls. The walls may also be used to mount the sculptures should they be wall-mounted pieces.

Given the limited funding for the project, the sculptures need not be custom designed for the installation and may come from an artist’s, collector’s or gallery’s pre-existing inventory. This call for sculptures is limited to artists or collectors who reside within 50-mile radius of the Aquatics Center.

Artists, collectors or galleries are asked to submit images of existing or proposed images of the pieces and their proposals for acquisition or commission in PowerPoint form via We Transfer to Russell Etling, City of Gainesville’s Cultural Affairs Manager at by Fri., November 18 at 5 p.m. for final review by APPT on Dec. 7. The panel is made up of representatives from APPT and temporary members from PRCA and WSPP who have worked on the facility renovation.

Should an interview be necessary with the project applicants, a zoom interview will be scheduled for the afternoon of Dec. 7.

The panel will review and select the artist or sculpture to negotiate for the design, fabrication and/or installation of the monument sculptures. APPT reserves the right to not select a proposal or to not move forward with for any reason.

The project budget for the two sculptures is $15,000 all inclusive. This includes: purchase of the pieces or their design and fabrication; the sculptures’ base or wall mounts; transportation; the sculptures’ installation; as well as all associated costs including liability insurance. The City of Gainesville will supply and install two pre-fabricated concrete slabs to mount the sculptures should they be free standing.

APPT is not dictating any specific theme for or style of the sculptures and they may range from abstract to figurative and be of any material that meets the requirements outlined below.

The sculptures should be created of materials appropriate to an outdoor environment, must be of suitable construction that will last for decades with minimal maintenance and be appropriate for public viewing. Gainesville, Florida is hot and humid with intense sun and seasonal heavy rain in the summer and temperature can be in the teens in the winter. Problems with rust and fading should be avoided. Resistance to hurricane force winds is important. The exterior sites for the project will be well traversed and must be of materials that are vandal resistant. Projects must also consider the safety of pedestrians. Sustainable construction with minimal maintenance will be encouraged.

Your proposal for the project should include:

  • A written description and/or concept of the works.
  • A written description of the medium, including all materials and the origin of the materials.
  • A written description of the method of construction of the pieces.
  • Dimensions of the works.
  • Mimimum dimensions (width and length) needed for the slabs on which to mount pieces.
  • Photographs of or scale drawings of the sculptures (if they are to be created for the project).
  • Installation details.
  • A list of sub-contractors to be used in the project.
  • A projected timeline of completion and installation of work.
  • Your proposal should include a detailed budget for purchase of, or creation of the artworks, including installation costs and liability insurance for yourself (and assistants, if any) during the installation.
  • Proposal should also include instructions for long-term upkeep of the work.

Proposals should be submitted to Russell Etling via We Transfer to by 5 p.m. Fri., Nov. 18, 2022.

If there are any questions please contact:

Russell Etling, Cultural Affairs Manager 
City of Gainesville Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department

desk 352-393-8532 | cell 352-316-4628 

Proposal Deadline: Fri., Nov. 18, 2022 at 5:00 PM

Final Review Panel Meeting: Wed., Dec. 7, 2022

Award Notification: Fri., Dec. 9, 2022

Sculpture Installation Complete No Later Than: Fri., Jan. 27, 2023

Vendor agrees to indemnify fully and save and hold harmless the City of Gainesville, its officers, employees and agents against any and all damage, claims, liabilities, and cause of action of every kind and nature, to the extent they are not caused by the conduct of the City’s agents or employees. The City shall give Vendor prompt and reasonable notice of any such claims or actions and Vendor shall have the right to investigate, compromise and defend the same to the extent of Vendor’s own interest. Nothing contained in this Agreement shall be constituted as a waiver of the City’s sovereign immunity granted pursuant to section 768.28 Fla. Stat.

The City of Gainesville and its agents shall not be liable for, and Vendor hereby releases all claims for damage to or loss of personal property sustained by Vendor or any person claiming through Vendor resulting from any fire, accident, occurrence, theft, or condition in or upon the ground/site which they shall be a part of or adjoining areas provided same are not due to negligence of the Division of Cultural Affairs, its agents or the City of Gainesville.