Public Meeting Participation

All neighbors are welcome to participate in city public meetings. Visit the new Agendas and Minutes page for details on upcoming City Commission and Advisory Board & Committee meetings. Find meeting agendas, submit public comments and view video recordings. 




Public Meeting Agendas

Visit the city's new Agendas & Minutes page to view upcoming city meetings.

View upcoming meetings in Calendar or List view. Click a meeting date to open the agenda (when published). Click individual items titles to view details and attached documents. A 'Revised Agenda' will be available if changes have been made to the original agenda after publication. The Minutes and Video recording will be available after the meeting ends.

Search by key words in the top search bar to find meeting agendas and minutes by meeting type, date or topics/issues of interest.

Use the filter icon (next to the search bar) to sort meetings by a specific date/date range or meeting type (eg, City Commission, Utility Advisory Board). 

Share a meeting by copying the meeting link to share on social media. Click the 'calendar' icon to save the meeting to your web calendar.

Submit a Public Comment on an upcoming meeting agenda. For details, visit the tab on 'How to Share a Public Comment'.

Commission Meeting Overview

The Commission makes city policy, sets the budget and millage rate, and approves resolutions and ordinances (local laws). The commissioners are responsible to the people of Gainesville. The Commission includes seven members: four commissioners elected from single member districts, two commissioners elected at-large, and one member elected as mayor. The mayor chairs the meetings but has an equal vote with the other commissioners.

The City Commission's regular business meetings usually take place on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month (with exceptions). The Commission also holds subcommittee meetings and special meetings as needed. Visit the Agendas & Minutes page on the City's website for upcoming meeting agendas.

Current Commission Members

  • Mayor - Harvey L. Ward, Jr.
  • Commissioner (At-large) - Cynthia Moore Chestnut
  • Commissioner (At-large) - Reina Saco
  • Commissioner (District I) - Desmon Duncan-Walker
  • Commissioner (District II) - Ed Book
  • Commissioner (District III) - Casey Willits
  • Commissioner (District IV) - Bryan Eastman

View our District Map to find your commission district.

Meeting Agenda
The agenda outlines the order of business during the meeting. It includes the following sections:

Consent Agenda (CA): Business items that the Commission approves together in one motion to save time. The Commission may remove an item to discuss separately. 

Regular Agenda: Business items to be discussed and considered for action by the Commission during the meeting. The Commission may re-order or remove discussion items.

How to Share a Public Comment

The City Commission conducts city business in an open form. Share your opinion with the Commission at an upcoming meeting by submitting a public comment on an agenda item or a General Public Comment on a topic or issue not on the agenda. 

Comment in person: Neighbors are welcome to attend meetings in person. Seating capacity may be limited. Fill out a comment card and give it to the meeting clerk to request to speak. Speakers will be called to share their comments in the order of sign-up.

Comment before the meeting: All comments will be shared with the Commissioners.

Submit a written eComment online:

  • Visit the public meeting Agendas & Minutes page. Click on an upcoming meeting.
  • When the meeting agenda link is available, click the Public Comment icon (speech bubble) below the meeting details to leave a comment. 

  • When the agenda opens, click on a business item or General Public Comment.
  • Complete the pop-up form to submit a comment.
  • Receive a confirmation email and click the link to verify your comment.
  • Comments will be shared with the City Commission and added to the meeting record. 

Phone to 352-334-5015  
Email to
Mail to the City of Gainesville, City Clerk: P.O. Box 490, Station 19, 32627-0490  

Preparing a Public Comment

Public Comment Opportunities for City Commission Meetings
  • Early Public Comment: Unable to stay for the whole meeting to make a public comment on an agenda item? You may speak during Early Public Comment at the beginning of the each session. Neighbors may speak for three (3) minutes on one item from the agenda, or for five (5) minutes on two of more items. Speaking early means that you give up your chance to comment when the Commission discusses the item.

  • During Discussion of a Business Item: Neighbors have three (3) minutes to speak about a business item on the agenda. The Commission usually hears public comments before making a decision on a business matter. 

  • General Public Comment: Neighbors may comment for three (3) minutes about topics or issues not on the meeting agenda. This is an opportunity to bring up new ideas or issues to the Commission.

Sign up for public comment at the meeting:
  • Pick up a speaker card near the doors upon arrival to the meeting.
  • The Clerk will call speakers to the podium in the order in which they signed up.
  • Speakers who have not signed up will be invited to the podium after registered speakers.
  • Language translation will be offered if the speaker registers in advance.
What are the rules for comments?

Public comments are taken once during an item. Comments may not be taken on every motion during an item. Comments are not taken during procedural and administrative votes.

Do's: Start your comment by stating your name for the record. Address the Mayor/Chair. Speak for up to 3 minutes.

Dont's: No signs, props, food, drinks, cheering, or booing. No vulgar language or gestures. No discourteous, disrespectful, or disparaging conduct.

  • When it is your time to speak, please stand at the podium in the middle of the auditorium.
  • There are 3 lights on the podium that will guide you. The light will start green. When one minute is left, it will turn yellow. Please start your concluding remarks. At three minutes, the light will turn red and you will be thanked for your input.

Plan your Public Comment in Advance 

  • How do you want to introduce yourself?
  • What is your position or perspective on the matter at hand (for, against, neutral)?
  • What opinions or information do you want to share with the Commission?
  • Do you have multiple things to say? Write out your thoughts in bullet points.
  • Use facts and data whenever possible.
  • Each person has the same amount of time to comment. Remember to be brief.
  • Direct your comments to the Mayor/Chair only, not to other Commissioners or meeting participants.
  • Address the topic/issue. Stay away from personal attacks. 


Meeting Accessibility

The City Hall Auditorium and Roberta Lisle Kline Conference Room are equipped with hearing loop assistive listening systems. When using your own hearing aid, you must switch your device to Telecoil or “T” mode. If your hearing aid does not have a Telecoil mode, broadcast staff can provide a headset.

If you have a disability and need an accommodation in order to participate in this meeting, please contact the Office of Equity and Inclusion at (352) 334-5051 at least two business days in advance. TTY (Text Telephone Telecommunication Device) users please call 711 (Florida Relay Service). For Speech to Speech (STS) relay, please call 1-877-955-5334. For STS Spanish relay, please call 1-877-955-8773.  For STS French Creole relay, please call 1-877-955-8707.




Live Stream

Is the stream not working for our City Commission meetings? Please visit our Facebook page to view it there.

Agendas and Minutes

City Commission Agendas and Minutes*

*The city is launching a new system for public meeting agendas, minutes and videos. Archived meeting documents and videos will be available soon. 


Meeting Calendar

If you have a disability and need an accommodation in order to participate in this meeting, please contact the Office of Equity and Inclusion at (352)334-5051 at least two business days in advance. TTY (Text Telephone Telecommunication Device) users please call 711 (Florida Relay Service). For Speech to Speech (STS) relay, please call 1-877-955-5334. For STS Spanish to Spanish relay, please call 1-877-955-8773. For STS Spanish to English relay, please call 1-844-463-9710.